11/12/2017 + Magenta’s Redesign!

We have redesigned our mascot, Magenta Milk, to better fit the image of our studio!

Here is the rough design document featuring her brand new outfit and hairstyle!


10/6/2017 + Relief Donation Period Over

Thank you to everyone who donated through downloading Soundless!

We received $81 total thanks to your help! We'll take a screencap of the donation receipt when itch.io takes the hold off all the funds and transfers it to us...


9/29/2017 + Soundless Released + Hurricane Maria Relief

Soundless has officially been released!

You can get it here off itch.io for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The game is free, but it's set to "name your price" so that you can support us. However, in wake of Hurricane Maria, anything that's donated between now and October 6th 8:00PM PDT will go to World Hope International's Hurricane Maria Response Fund. Absolutely nothing will go to either milk+ or itch.io; it will all be for the charity. We will announce how much has been raised when the time period ends and will donate it all in one go once itch.io releases the 7-day hold on profits.

If you don't want the game, please visit World Hope International's website yourself and give what you can.

Thank you in advance for any donations made.


8/15/2017 + Soundless Sample Page Released

The sample page for Soundless has finally been released! You can view it here. There are a couple of new CGs that can be viewed.

There's also a new commemorative banner celebrating the upcoming release date on the website's front page. The full version of the image can be seen here.


7/4/2017 + After 2 Months

Soundless is cursed just like The Omen, The Phantom of the Opera and Poltergeist.

I'm kidding...I hope.


Something seems to have changed...

The battle for Net Neutrality is on. US visitors, call your representatives.

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